The Wire : problem with permissions

Elgg 2.0.1


I have a problem with The Wire permissions. When i post a message, every connected users can see my message. Where can i modify default permissions ?

Thank you.

  • My plugins :


    elgg-fail2ban 1 on
    extended_tinymce 1 on
    ckeditor   off
    blog   off
    bookmarks 1 on
    custom_index   off
    dashboard   off
    developers   off
    diagnostics   off
    discussions 1 on
    embed 1 on
    externalpages   off
    file 1 on
    garbagecollector 1 on
    groups 1 on
    htmlawed 1 on
    invitefriends 1 on
    legacy_urls   off
    likes 1 on
    logbrowser 1 on
    logrotate 1 on
    members 1 on
    messageboard 1 on
    messages 1 on
    notifications 1 on
    pages   off
    profile 1 on
    reportedcontent 1 on
    search 1 on
    site_notifications   off
    tagcloud 1 on
    thewire 1 on
    twitter_api   off
    uservalidationbyemail 1 on
    web_services   off
    aalborg_theme 1 on
    login_as 1 on
    tidypics 1 on
    translation_editor 1 on
    captcha 1 on
    friend_request 1 on
    friendly_time 1 on
    elgg_update_services 1 on
    image_orientation 1 on
    users_online 1 on
    tag_tools 1 on
    target_blank 1 on
    elggx_fivestar 1 on
    search_advanced 1 on
    content_subscriptions 1 on
    faq 1 on
    private_profiles 1 on
    enplugman 1 on
  • Wire postings have no option to set the access level in Elgg core unfortunately. The wire messages will automatically have the default access level set for the site in the advanced site settings.

    There were some plugins published in the past that added access level settings to the wire. But I don't think that any of them will still work on the recent versions of Elgg as it seems none of them have been updated in years.

    TheWire tools plugin has some limited access level feature. But it will only offer you to select either the site default access level or to set the access level corresponding to one of the groups you are a member of. Also, you can't change the access level after posting.

  • The default access level of my website is FRIENDS, but all new users can see my wire posts... This is strange... Any idea ?

    Thank you

  • @gfontaniere Which your own access level as an user (in User's Settings)?

  • Sorry but my default access level is : Friends

    Another idea ? Thank U

  • Try to set your (user' not site') access level as PRIVATE and post to Wire. Check it now.

  • Sorry. What I said about wire posting getting the site default access level is wrong. I looked at the code and the wire posting always get access level "public" regardless of what the site default access level is.

    Presently, I don't know of any plugin that works on recent versions of Elgg that enhances the wire plugin with access level settings for wire postings. The Wire Tools plugin offers some slightly limited support for settings access levels but the main focus is to allow restricting wire postings to groups. The "friends" access level is left out from the selection. I have to gonna ask the Coldtrick guys if they would have any interest to re-work this part of the wire tools plugin. As the support for access level selection is almost fully implemented already I would say it would make much sense to enhance this plugin instead of starting with a separate new plugin that adds the access level support only.

  • I have found a solution. I have disabled The Wire plugin and i have activated the HypeWall 4.3.1 plugin. Like this, it works.

    Thank you very much.