Public Landing page and user validation by admin for a non-public ELGG site

I have several websites running ELGG. I am trying to get a small part of those (largely protected) sites to have a themed landing page, customizable menu, and user validation via Admin, For some years now,. I used LoginRequired,  which is not reflecting the theme of choice, and not working with ELGG versions 1.8.6 or above. I also had "UserValidation by admin" installed, which doesn't work any longer on newer ELGG versions.

When I upgrade these sites to a newer ELGG release , I can't make the public landing page available using the theme of choice by presenting a Public page, with user registration via Admin.

So my question really is, how can I arrange the above two functions within ELGG sites, that are native/build in, and not dependant on ELGG versions updates/upgrades.

I don't understand why that functionality is not provided as a standard feature of this Product.

Thanks, any input welcomed !
Daniel Hazelzet

  • LoginRequired plugin is available up to Elgg 2.0. You just have to check the plugin page for the newer versions. It should also not disturbe the look provided by a theme in any kind. Another matter is the content within the landing page though. If you have a specific landing page with custom content, it's likely you would have to make some modifications either within the LoginRequired plugin or within the plugin providing this landing page to get the desired output instead of the index page provided by the LoginRequired plugin (which is basically just overriding the index page provided by the default custom_index plugin).