Registration Email not going

URL : . I am using elgg-1.8.19 . The Registration Email is not going .

  • Is it just the registration email or *all* email?

    There was a report previously that php won't send email if the subject is over 80 characters, if you have a long site name that could end up happening - check that out.

  • This is only registration email . I do not have a long site name .

  • If only validation emails on account registration are not arriving at their destination, it's highly unlikely that the server config (mailserver) has an issue as the mailserver is unaware of the type of email to send.

    Two possibilities:

    • validation emails are in fact sent but are blocked by (at least some) email providers only. Reason for blocking would be for spamming (of course wrong but the servers of the email providers do it automatically and this can result in false positives). You could check the maillog on your server (for example specifically for entries made at the time when you register a test account). There should be at least some log entry at that time when the email is sent out.
    • validation emails are indeed not sent. The only reason I see for this with all other email notifications working is that you are using some 3rd party plugin on your site that is causing the problem. This plugin would probably have some functionality that alters at least some part of the registration / login process. If you have no idea which plugin it might be, you will have to test it out by disabling some likely plugins temporarily and register some test account to find out if the validation emails arrive or not.
  • I have checked all the plugins . No plugin is causing the problem . I am trying to make some test accounts , but email is not sent . Please help .

  • No mail notifications are getting send . Please help .

  • Again, if only validation emails are missing but not other emails (e.g. private messages sent to a test user) it's quite unlikely that Elgg core is the problem. The sending of validation emails doesn't differ from sending the other email messages or email notifications. I can't think of any reason why only validation emails are not sent.

    Have you really tested account registration with ALL 3rd party plugins disabled temporarily? Specifically, the plugin that adds the security question to the registration page and any other plugins altering the registration process should be disabled for testing.

    You do have the uservalidationbyemail plugin enabled? Though account activation would happen automatically then without any validation emails sent at all.

    Has it ever worked or have the validation emails always been missing? If it worked in the past, have you any idea when it stopped working and what you might have changed before it stopped working?

  • Are other emails being sent? Did you set up the email account to be use with your elgg installation? Does your hosting provider allows you to send emails through a software, such as elgg?

  • No emails are being sent . Yes , I set up the email account to be used with elgg installation . Yes , I , use Arvixe hosting .

  • No emails at all being sent or only validation emails? First you said registration emails only and then you said no emails are sent. The difference is important. If no emails (i.e. also no notifications about private messages and other notifications are sent) the problem is rather the mailserver config on your server and not Elgg. In this case it might be best to contact the support of your hoster.