Create extra LONG drop down options ?

GREAT Plugin and I hope Elgg core people really think about using this properly in their releases!

My question is this, you are able to creat edrop down lists which is great if it is like 15 or less options in the drop down list, BUT if you want to create a drop down list with say 50+ options to choose from, and all in Althabetical order, it will take quite a long time to create.

E.g. I want to create a list that holds all the citys in the UK in teh drop down list which is alot. Would be great if I could enter in a list seperated by lines and or commas and it could read that and turn it into a drop down list because clicking "add option" and ordering it for 50+ list options can be very akward. Is there an easier way of doing this and im just missing something obviouse ????

Please help ANYONE, thanx.

  • The interface is not designed to create such long drop down lists. Really what I think you want to create is a custom field definition with the values read from a CSV file.

    The form plugin allows you to create custom field types to extend the standard ones.

  • That sounds GREAT, how would i go about doing that?

    Ive looked around the plugin interface, i cant see how to create a custom field that can read a CSV file.

    I know little if any PHP at all, so is there back end coding involved to do this, if not can you explain how id get a drop down list to be populated by a CSV file? Im sure others would benefit from this option because inputting a lot of countries and cities can be quite long.


  • Anybody? This will help me and maybe others quite alot.

  • There is no way to do this currently without writing code. A CSV option makes sense and I will try to add that for a future release.

  • Thanks Kevin. Have to say, this truly is a cornerstone plugin and will look out for your future release.

    Could create something like a CSV directory that you could upload the CSV's to and they would then be selectable when you select the drop down list option, and you could choose which CSV file will be accessed by the drop down list. You could then update the CSV file all the time for updated options to show without having to access the plugin to change anything. Doesnt have to be a CSV, could be a txt file with options seperated by commas or one option per line txt file.

    Just some thoughts. I have the theory but just lacking in PHP skill at the moment.

    Thanks for all the feedback as well, one reason why people use your plugin is beacuse they know the owner of it will look after them. We get a better service than some paid for plugins on here. Thanks again.

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