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it is possible that I can remove it?

"all" ; "'mine" ; "Friends" and the drop down menu "show all"

I created this topic so other users who have the same doubts able to solve

  • I found I can delete / edit this without running the risk of giving problems?



     * Main activity stream list page

    $options = array(
        'distinct' => false

    $page_type = preg_replace('[\W]', '', get_input('page_type', 'all'));
    $type = preg_replace('[\W]', '', get_input('type', 'all'));
    $subtype = preg_replace('[\W]', '', get_input('subtype', ''));
    if ($subtype) {
        $selector = "type=$type&subtype=$subtype";
    } else {
        $selector = "type=$type";

    if ($type != 'all') {
        $options['type'] = $type;
        if ($subtype) {
            $options['subtype'] = $subtype;

    switch ($page_type) {
        case 'mine':
            $title = elgg_echo('river:mine');
            $page_filter = 'mine';
            $options['subject_guid'] = elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid();
        case 'owner':
            $subject_username = get_input('subject_username', '', false);
            $subject = get_user_by_username($subject_username);
            if (!$subject) {
            $title = elgg_echo('river:owner', array(htmlspecialchars($subject->name, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8', false)));
            $page_filter = 'subject';
            $options['subject_guid'] = $subject->guid;
        case 'friends':
            $title = elgg_echo('river:friends');
            $page_filter = 'friends';
            $options['relationship_guid'] = elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid();
            $options['relationship'] = 'friend';
            $title = elgg_echo('river:all');
            $page_filter = 'all';

    $activity = elgg_list_river($options);
    if (!$activity) {
        $activity = elgg_echo('river:none');

    $content = elgg_view('core/river/filter', array('selector' => $selector));

    $sidebar = elgg_view('core/river/sidebar');

    $params = array(
        'title' => $title,
        'content' =>  $content . $activity,
        'sidebar' => $sidebar,
        'filter_context' => $page_filter,
        'class' => 'elgg-river-layout',

    $body = elgg_view_layout('content', $params);

    echo elgg_view_page($title, $body);

  • people, I have some doubts, but without the help of you can not clarify professionals

  • See also to find out how to get it working without the need to modify a core file directly. in this thread the code example shows how to remove the "All" and "Mine" tabs and only show the content of the "Friends" tab. Also, the filter dropdown is not removed. But you can adjust the code easily according to your needs (my guess is you want rather the "All" tab only).

  • hello, even iionly, you have explained all right, I could not find these steps in my server, I'm afraid of something going wrong and I lose everything!

  • Which version of Elgg are you using?

  • If I have some time to spare tomorrow, I'll post some code that should work.

  • @Jaqueline What wrong with it? This plugin removes all tabs (filter) and dropdown menu (selector) so you can see all posts in Activity. Is not that what you wanted?