Updating a theme to v1.5

I've heavily modified a theme to suit my purposes and somethings are as expected not falling straight into place now I've gone to v1.5


I wonder if somebody with the required knowledge might give us a guide to where the main areas of change will be needed.

Whether any files have changed where they live or, theming wise, whether there are new things to consider.



  • Sorry, I simplified. In my case it's elgg1.5rc2_data/views_simplecache/. During the installation you've decided where you put that elgg-Data-Folder.


  • Hi everybody,

    I tried to upgrade my green rounded based theme to 1.5, but i have some problems with the topbar : the dropdown menu Jquery works, but without css style, like a simple list. Other links (Settings, administration,...) are in the body page. How can i fix this problem? Thanks for your help. ;)

    P.S. : If you have already convert this theme, please send me it, i will be very recognizing ;)

  • @gpx18 "the dropdown menu Jquery works, but without css style"

    Have you included the new/updated css? instructions here:

  • Hi there,

    please ignore my previous statement about a connection between caching and the Javascript problems I'd encountered. Recently we installed 1.5 on a new server and the problem reappeared. So we had to look into it again and found out that it was connected to the order of plugins in the list. Our theme was last in the list and we had to move it before embed and tinymce that we also utilise. So the disappearance of the problem on 1.5rc2 and the deletion of the cache files merely coincided. One of my colleagues had disabled the above plugins at about the same time the cache files were deleted.