ELGG 2.0 fresh install - notification mail problems


I got an error after user registration Exception #1451692916, same if i want to join a group.

Looks like problem to send notification emails. 

Any ideas? 



  • Look in your error log file. It will give your more clear idea about the error. #1451692916 is nothing but the timestamp of the error.

  • OK - I found an error message:

    [02-Jan-2016 19:23:32 Europe/Berlin] Exception #1451759012: exception 'Zend\Mail\Header\Exception\InvalidArgumentException' with message 'Subject value must be composed of printable US-ASCII or UTF-8 characters.' in /www/htdocs/w013cc10/elgg/vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Header/Subject.php:84

    At the german language file (groups) is an "ü" char in the translation.

    How can I fix it? Change the language file or is that an error in the message.php file?





  • The ü character is included in UTF-8, so something else must be causing it.

    Add this after line 83 in /www/htdocs/w013cc10/elgg/vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Header/Subject.php:

    error_log(var_export($subject, true));

    Then reproduce the error, and check what string got printed in the error log.