Profile Manager plugin error: "You cannot access AJAX views directly."

Good morning all, and happy new year!

I've installed the Profile Manager plugin and am attempting to set things up.  When I try to add a profile type, categories, or profile fields, I get the error message shown in the topic.  I've searched everywhere for a fix to this and come up empty.  Any ideas for fixing the issue will be greatly appreciated.


  • Sounds like a javascript error, a link should be making an ajax request but if js is broken it's sending you to the href instead.  The href is an ajax endpoint which isn't supposed to be viewed directly, it only responds to ajax headers.

    Check your console log for js errors.

  • Howdy again!

    I checked the log for errors, and this is what came up, repeatedly:

    TypeError: httpChannel.notificationCallbacks is null

    The plugin itself is trying to redirect me to ajax/view/forms/profile_manager/type, which doesn't exist.  I've crawled through every logical file trying to figure out where that link is coming from, and I can't find it.  Of course, there's a very real possibility that I've gone off on an unrelated tangent, as I know just enough about what I'm doing to be dangerous.  Barely.

    In short, I'm confused again.  And once again, thank you so much for the time you've given me.


  • That url likely does exist, but it is only accessible via an ajax call (that is enforced by the ajax pagehandler).

    Likely the source of the issue is that TypeError, which may not be related to profile manager at all, but if js dies with an error then any other js on the page will be affected.