Ajax Error on Register


I'm new to elgg, and i'm facing a strange situation.

I created a new installationg of Elgg 2.0, and a link in my page to it.

When I go to my elgg system page directly (typing at the browser), the register page works fine. When I go to my elgg system from the link in my home page, the Register option returns an "Ajax" error.

The error says: "Unexpected error while performing an AJAX call. Maybe the connection to the server is lost".

All attempts were made from my iPhone 5.

When I use my user/password, to login, and them click in Logout, and them in Register again, then it works.

Please, help!

Luiz Filipe

  • When exactly does the error occur? Directly when you access the page, or when you click the 'Register' button from the registration form?

  • Hello,


    The error occur when I click the "Register" link, in the Login form!


  • I want to send some update, I made the same test on PC and the same error happens, so it's not just a mobile issue.

    I didnt found any post about this problem in the community. Maybe it's some configuration on my server?


    Well I found some posts, and all they did was making me more sad. I did try all the "enable/disable" plugins and it still dont work. I don't have javascript skills, so I guess that all I can do is hope for some patch release.


  • Ok!

    Sorry to bother again, but I got it fixed!!

    Don't throw rocks at me, but, the thing is that in the Administration, the website domain was not registered with "www". Actualy I dont even remember registering the address there.

    So, I changed to "www" and everything is working now.