Is Elgg, Moodle, And Zurmo compatible?

I am trying to build a private social site using elgg, moodle and zurmo. I like elgg's social environment, moodle's course environment, but I need a crm combined into the site too. I am going to have to find someone to setup this for us but we first need to understand what to ask for. Because all 3platforms are open source we assumed we could combine them all into one site. 

Ok to be more clear we are building a social co-op site which will need features these 3 all have. When we ask developers to create this site we want to know :

1. Is it possible?

2. If so, can it be done so the sites visual appearance and menu bar stay consistent? 

3. Will login be an issue, or permissions, or group settings, etc

I would appreciate any advice you guys can give us. We are not techs but want to understand what we are doing, so we know what we are getting. Thanks in advance for your help. If anyone would like to join in on the development of a project like this please let know....we could use the help.

  • technically its possible, you can use propert .htaccess setting or even DNS setting. and host 3 as different server ( either as subdomain or subfolder) such that.

    coming to login  there can be couple of ways,  but hte easy and quick sure is this.

     (1) the simplest is allow registration only via elgg, and password change also via elgg, 

    (2) then backport the login table to remaining two platforms login table. ( via stand alone daemon server). this you do on all three events( registration, email change password change)


    coming to look , obviously they will differ, there is no doubt about it. the only way possible is to have a good designer to make them look alike as much as possible.



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