Multi Level Affiliate Plugin

I am in need of a referral system that would allow for the purchase of a subscription to my site for 25.00, and commissions from that subscription would then be paid out to members in a multilevel fashion, much like a multilevel marketing system.


I need a current free standing architecture with all the needed php coding completed. I want to ensure that no changes are made to the core so that upgrades to elgg can be made when available without disrupting the site.


The module will require the following:


1. Signup modification to pay for membership through Stripe payment processor (very similar to Stripe) through monthly subscription


2. Stripe IPN to manage payment processing ie: successful/failed subscription payments etc. and to pay commissions to either a single individual in case of first payment, or pay through upline levels if recurring payment.


3. Feature that puts members in a color coded group depending on what their job profession is. If they are construction they will have a yellow ring around their profile pic, if they are in medical it will be red, etc. We have 7 sections or categories and 7 colors. The profile pic of every member will reflect which industry they work in. This will not be a specific group but all members are labeled in this way. I need this feature to sort the members when they fill out the profile information.


4. 8 level commission system where any recurring payments made via subscription are paid in a multilevel fashion to the paying member's upline. 3x8 matrix system needed.


5. Admin functionality to set price of subscription, set number of levels for the program, set dollar amounts or percentages for the different levels. Also to manually accept a payment for a member should the IPN script fail to process for any reason. When deleting a member from the site, all that member's personal referrals should be given to the deleted member's sponsor.


6. Member views to include the following: payment tracking, commission tracking, views of a member's downline (or Tree as we call it), the ability to look at individual members within the downline and see their activity in terms of volume. Also the ability for members to pay their monthly subscription with current commissions on their account. (this might require to use regular payment as opposed to monthly subscription, and will require a cron based notification to log in and make payment, or simply take payment from commissions and notify)


7. A Placement routine so that members can move a member that they've personally enrolled (or has been given to them through the system) within certain conditions ie: the new member cannot have any downline of their own, they can be moved only once, and they must be moved within 48 hours of receipt of payment.


8. Payment compression routine that allows for payments that are not qualified for, ie: the member who is supposed to receive the payment is suspended or has not paid this month, those payments will go to the next qualified person in the upline.


9. Profile and dashboard widgets that give a member's downline size, and group volume in dollars.


10. Stats widget that will tell how many members we have, how much monthly volume there is and how much commissions have been paid.


I think that's about it, I would just like them made into a module for elgg so that we can turn our program into a social network instead of just a plain membership site.



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