Is there any plan for CDN ?

Dear Elggers

I wonder if there is any CDN plugin or system already around or about to come out? 

Because if someone is using shared hosting just to begin with, and have around 1000 active users. Maybe the Elgg framework will take so much resources of the hosting server. So would be better if there is CDN system as well to use it.

Currently I am using Amazon CDN for my other project and I am very happy with that.

I am not sure how lighter the Elgg framework is, I just installed and testing it. Looks super fast & clean but I wonder can this framework handle around thousand active users by using shared hosting ??

Please guide/ share information.


  • That's an impossible question to answer.  It depends on how active those 1000 users are and what they are doing, what plugins are being used and what they are doing behind the scenes.

  • I'm still on hold to activate CloudFlare....neither them or my hosting provider understand yet why notifications are not sent frustrating...

    If anyone is using CF with standard Elgg's notifications (php mail()) please share exact DNS settings (A, CNAME, MX,..) of course hiding IPs :)


  • @Michele my notifications work because I'm using PHPmailer to relay my emails to a third party but here's my setup:

  • Hi Cim, thanks but yeah I recall you using PHPMailer, I even tried with it by disabling html email handler and it didn't work. All DNS settings were double checked by both CF and Arvixe and still no solution...very weird indeed.

  • I am also using cloudFlare , and email stuff works well.   I suggest first check the email feature working well without cloud-flare.   There are some restrictions from service provider too.

  • @enraiser thanks, are you using standard Elgg functions or some other plugin/smtp authentication method? Without CloudFlare everything works just fine, many notifications and weekly digest sent correctly.

  • @Michele

    Go to CloudFlare.


    CNAME mail is an alias of  Automatic (grey cloud)

    MX mail handled by Priority 10 Automatic


    Go to Arvixe VPS.


    Hostname:  //DOT at the end

    Type: MX

    Address (or Domain name): mail

    Priority 10

  • Thank you @rivervanrain . Those were the settings I used at first attempt (except for priority 0 instead of 10, do you think this could make the difference?). They didn't work so I tried to change CNAME to A record for mail in both Arvixe and CF (they confirmed this are the correct settings) and doesn't work either...

    I think I tried all possible combinations but the only one that works...

  • I have used standard Elgg functions. but in my case I have not added CNAME/MX record. it was created automatically, I just added the  A record.