Multisite on Elgg 1.6

I started testing Multisite on the new Elgg 1.6 release.

Please post here any issue you find, any bug or error, or suggestion to improve Multisite on Elgg 1.6.

I'll post more details on testing later on.

  • Thanks Fabrice. Two questions:

    1. does your multisite plugin work on installations where elgg is a sub-directory ( rather than being embedded in the web document root?
    2. when do you anticipate releasing the "new version"?
  • @Fabrice/@Alivin

    Switching between Multi Communities without re-logging should be configurable by Super-Admin -- Site owners may want to have this control.

  • @Dhrup You are right, i will make it as an option for the administrator

         2 - I thought i would release it at the beginning of this current week :) Next week will be the good one :)

         1 - I have a non tested patch for this, I can send it to you if you want to test it on your installation with the new multisite version (need elgg 1.6.1)

  • Hi all,

    I'm happy for so much interest around multisite and I hope we can work together to improve it.

    @devel95 My plugin (2.1) is derived directly from Fabrice's 2.0. I sent back my patches and discussed them with Fabrice. I also tried to well document all my patches to allow other people to improve multisite and let Fabrice to adopt them in his installations. So, I hope the next 2.2 will be an improvement of the same plugin.

    I also continued to develop Multisite, adding new features and fixing bugs. I was also near to release a 2.2 pack, but I'll wait Fabrice's release to merge our patches.

    I think more collaboration is possibile. We should discuss more to keep each other informed.

    Maybe we miss some key tool for collaboration like an SVN (or similar) repository. Unfortunately Elgg SVN in only for the core and not for third party software. We could use Google Code or Sourceforge for that. Also Elgg's groups are not the best for such collaboration.

    Anyway, I would be happy if more developers will contribute code. I tried to document my patches as best as possibile in the document included in the 2.1 Pack. Please start a discussion from there.

    @Dhrup I appreciate very much your contribution. The discussion you linked was the starting point for multisite development. I think it's a bit outdated because we went further. And I took into account your slides when I wrote the document.

    @devel95 I'll publish some informations about the relevant code that avoid Multisite from working outside the / directory. Give me the time to have a look at the code.


  • @Alivin


    I understand that the Google group discussion from last December is pretty much out of date and yes - the work that has been done by Daniel, Fabrice and you is great stuff. Regarding "" the slide notes are sort of not too interesting without my babbling over it as at Boston - I did spend about 1 hour talking around the slides ;-) If people might be interested, I do not mind re-doing the presentation ovber a Skype conference ;-)

    One of these days soon I do plan to start on the actual design of what I had presented for ElggCamp. My basic attack was targetted at creating an Elgg fork which can be implemented for scalability on a "farm" of servers -> to cater for different types of server and mysql performance aspects.

    Some Elgg heavyweight poeple at the conference had commented that even though I had presented as "conceptual" directions - the implementation was feasible and some had even offerred to collaborate to develop "Distributed Elgg".

  • I am glad to see this discussion starting again, this shows that multisite usage is still interesting a lot of people.

    I have to say that here in France, a lot of people are interested in setting their elgg installation for multisite, and i have been very busy with that the last months (i am still :)) but the great new is that this was very helpful to get some experience and knowledge about this in différent situations.

    Another good news is that multisite is now officaly announced by the curverider team as a feature available soon. Dave Tosh contacted me about that, and it seems that this will be implemented in elgg 2.0 (i would have loved to get it before that).

    We have to discuss more about all this stuff, this is the reason why i setted up that group, but i have to apologize for my silence the last months :) but as i said before, i have been busy on it, i know i think that multisite can go out of its experimental status and we can talk about production site. Its a new step and i am glad to see so many people involved in it.

    In my point of view, we have to list all the core modifications that are needed to support multisite. I already made a bunch of track and i propose that we collaborate to work on this . I will make a summary of my already made tracks about multisite, and i will start a discussion here, so everyone wil be abble to discuss his/her own idea about it. This will be helpful for a full implementation of multisite in the core

    Design is another point, again i agree with Dhrup that we have to collaborate about it. In my point of view the design discussion is much more about the multisite plugin itself than the core modifications, even if both are linked of course. Another point is that we now can talk about specific plugins for multisite usages as the multisite plugin itself should be dedicated to the multisite administration.

    @Alivin, of course the 2.2 version is a child of the previous one, and as we talked about, i implemented the multisite switching based on an event handler. Sorry again for my silence, i have been swimming under the water for a while :)



  • what is the purpose of this plugin ? why having 2 or more elgg site?