Elgg App

Guys, I want to know elgg's official stand regarding app development. I do not see any activity regarding this on elgg forums.

I have developed a hybrid app with phonegap/cordova and want to release the code/plugin to the community for other users/developers to user and contribute as well. Elgg mods please let me know if this is something you guys are interested in.

  • Apps make sense if they provide additional benefits, such us offline access, push notifications, integration with OS, but those are achievable with native apps, not hybrids that just wrap html.

    No one is interested in maintaining the web services plugin. I have made a stab at making it easier/safer to use, but due to BC and other concerns they never made it into core, hence I built my hypeGraph. I think the core team intends to rewrite web services, but I am not sure who and when and how is going to do that.