Question about tiled backgrounds


Okay, so I'm feeling like a bit of a noob at the moment, I have just come back to Elgg after almost a year of focussing around my online store and now I want to give more content to my users and allow them to interact with each other.

However, I do not remember how you go about integrating a tiled background into the site via CSS.

I went into views/default and changed up the CSS and I didn't see any changes to the background, even after emptying my cache and trying it out on different browsers, leading me to believe that I put my code into the wrong section of the CSS perhaps?

If anybody could give me some pointers then I would be eternally grateful, thanks in advance!

Hammy (:

  • Are you using the default theme? If you aren't using the default theme you will need to go into the theme that you are using and change the css in there. If you are using the default theme then it could be another module changing the background. In elgg you can override a themes css in a module. So if you have a module enabled that changes any css you will have to find out which module is changing the css and then make your changes there.

  • @ Hammy

    Does your bg image covers the whole page, or is it a bit that is to be repeated to fill?

    If the latter is the case you should use "repeat-x" to fill the background horizontally, or "repeat-y" for vertical filling. If you want it both ways, just use "repeat".

  • I overlooked the world "tiled".

    upload the image (say, bgimg.gif) to /_graphics. Go to views/default/css.php. Find

    body {


    Between the brackets, anywhere, add this:

    background:  url(<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>_graphics/bgimg.gif) left top repeat;

    Also see my note above if you need repeat only along the X or Y axis.