Support in the future for Subgroups? (nested groups)

Most large organizations contain hierarchies within it.  Corporations have divisions broken down into departments and into groups or teams.  I believe mapping these into groups within elgg will help with its adoption in these organizations.

I believe there is already an extended group community plugin that has implemented a portion of this but perhaps does not go far enough.



  • @Joss

    supergroups is used here to create definition in the community by creating two distinct sections. A general "groups" section, which is already familiar territory, and "EVUAS Support," which relates to the products EVUAS sells. 

    EVUAS is interested in supporting Hobby UAVs primarily, but is also broadly interested in robotics in general. It is not impossible to further create distinction in the community by stressing group containers like "Autopilots" along with"Airframes". Or separating "UAVs" from "Antonymous Submarines" if and when the community grows broadly enough to deserve having such a clear distinction. 

    The owner of this site is an administrator on DIY Drones, a popular Ning community, and is very familiar with how important information can become lost in its own disorganization. 


  • So is this sort of categorising groups?

    And does the creation of a set of groups possibly allow, in the future, for different role set ups, basic configurations, permissible plugins and so on for a particular group?

  • @Joss 

    It should, the only thing supergroups does is add a bit of metadata so things can be sorted accordingly.

  • If subgroups/supergroups are being used for organization, that can be better handled by just adding some categorization metadata. The only use case that I have found convincing is where you want everyone who joins a sub-group to also be added to the super group and have all the content in the sub group also be available in the super group.

  • I made a quick and simple plugin the other day.  Very simple though ..

    When you are inside a group, you simply click create a new sub group and you go through the same process as creating a normal group.  A relationship is created between the parent group and sub group.  Breadcrumbs show the parents etc and you can see the sub groups in a similar manner as where it shows the Group members in the left sidebar.

    Doesn't do any content cross over etc, very simple and suits our particular needs.

  • @Cash thats exactly how supergroups functions. 

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