i don't understand how to upgrade elgg 1.x to 2.x

Hello can someone give me a detailed guide on upgrading elgg1.x to elgg 2.x...I don't understand the docs

  • I mean what should I do in the .htaccess file?

  • If you haven't made any changes in .htaccess for the current 1.X version of Elgg you are using, you can simply replace the current .htaccess file with the new .htaccess file of Elgg 2.0 when upgrading. But if you made modifications in .htaccess (e.g. changing the values set for the php variables like memory_limit, post_max_size etc.) you would want to make the same changes in the new .htaccess file of Elgg 2.0, too, for the server to behave in the same way. But you should only merge changes to the new .htaccess file that you made yourself and nothing else, because the .htaccess file of Elgg 2.0 is different (e.g. rewrite rules) from the .htaccess of 1.X. If you want to check what might be different in the .htaccess of Elgg 1.X used on your server and the default .htaccess file of Elgg you can compare your .htaccess with the the file install/config/htaccess.dist.

    Basically the same procedure should be done with the settings.php file. A working Elgg installation will contain the database credentials within this file, so you would want to make sure for these info to be included also in the settings.php file used in future on Elgg 2.0. But you might have made other changes in the settings file, too, you would want to keep. On Elgg 1.X the settings.php file is located in the engine directory. The new location on Elgg 2.0 is in the elgg-config directory. On Elgg 1.X you will find the unmodified settings.php template also in the engine subdirectory (it's called engine/settings.example.php). On Elgg 2.0 (zip) you will find the template in vendor/elgg/elgg/elgg-config/settings.example.php. So, copy this settings.example.php to the elgg-config directory in the root of the Elgg installation and rename it to settings.php. Then add your database connection details into this file (and any other modifications you might have made on your own in your Elgg 1.X installation).

    All other Elgg core files of Elgg 1.X should be deleted before copying Elgg 2.0 to the server. Of course, you can keep your 3rd party plugins in the mod folder. Though you might replace the 3rd party plugin folders with new releases for Elgg 2.0 if available. 3rd party plugins without new releases for Elgg 2.0 might work or not on Elgg 2.0 - a general rule regarding their compatibility is quite impossible.

    My suggestion (never wrong with any update of Elgg): make a backup of the database and the Elgg install folder in any case (data directory backup wouldn't hurt either). Then you can restore the site in the old 1.X version working state if anything in the upgrade to 2.0 goes wrong.

  • Comprehensive tutorial And good advice too..thumbs up and thank you