Complete Language Translation

Hi Team,


I am not an expert in this but need help. I am using Time_Theme and disabled the Alborg_Theme. I have added lot of plugins like Discount Vouchers, Market Posts, Blogs, The Wire, Market etc. the problem is that all other menu items are getting converted into Spanish except for the plugins. I tried to change the language from Admin settings (67.6 % Espanol) and also from Time_Theme settings but most of the plugin menus are depicting in English rather than Spanish. Is there a way to resolve this and make it atleast 99% Spanish (Content). The steps to do that would be highly appreciated and handy. Please suggest.




  • The additional plugins you've installed are very likely lacking Spanish translations for their own language strings. Each plugin can have its own language file (within the plugin's languages subfolder). To add a Spanish translation for a plugin you only need to provide a corresponding es.php language file and save it in the plugin's languages folder. You can start by copying+renaming the plugin's en.php language file to es.php and then start translating the language strings, i.e. the strings on the right of "=>" in the language array.

    If you want to give something back to the plugin devs you can also offer the devs your translations and they might add them to the next releases of their plugins.

  • @iionly I think we can collaborate in Transifex with translations for the core plugins.:

    For third party plugins, you could send your translations to the core developers.

  • I haven't mentioned how it works for Elgg core and core plugins because the Spanish translation of Elgg core is already complete. Of course, for other languages (or possibly to fix errors in the Spanish translations or to add any missing strings in the future) you help with the translations at Transifex.

    I don't think there's much sense in sending translations for 3rd party plugins to the core developers (except one of them is also the developer of the corresponding plugin). Translations for 3rd party plugins should be offered to the developer of the plugin in question directly. It might be that this developer also manages the translations at Transifex (though quite unlikely) or there is a github repo for the plugin where a PR with the translations could be made.

  • @iionly haha sorry, I was going to write "directly to the plugin's developer", not the "core developers".

    Sorry, my bad hehe