Issues with Elgg 1.12.5 on PHP 5.5+

Please i need your help on this guys, Elgg Developers and Ismayil Kharedinov. I just finished my development site on desktop XAMPP SERVER which works perfectly but on moving to the Production Server Online, i experience this issue of elgg's compatibility with only PHP 5.4.8. Now i have Ismayil's hypeApps plugin that require PHP 5.5+ as a major plugin. When i switched the PHP VERSION on my online server anywhere above PHP 5.4.8, it changes some views and the entire elgg's JS freezes both at the admin back-end and the main site with only bundled plugins active on a fresh install of Elgg 1.12.5! The PHP version on my desktop XAMPP SERVER is PHP 5.6.11 and everything works fine with hypeApps and all other non bundled plugins activated on Elgg- 1.12.5. Please anybody got an idea what isn't right here?? Thank you.

  • Thanks guys, after my site was migrated to a new server environment, i was able to set the PHP VERSION to 5.6 and now everything is working fine. @Ismayil the issue shows up on both Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. These were the browsers i used. Thanks for the assistance guys, though was not able to recreate what the issue was exactly with elgg on PHP 5.5+ because elgg still did not work on the new server environment when i had the PHP VERSION set to 5.5+.