Usage of jquery.ui.datepicker in user's language on Elgg 2.0?

By iionly

In the 1.X version of the Event Calendar plugin the datepicker is loaded in the logged-in user's language using

    url: '/vendors/jquery/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-' + elgg.get_language() + '.js',
    dataType: "script",
    cache: true,
    success: loadFullCalendar,
    error: loadFullCalendar, // english language is already loaded

I will have to change that surely for getting the Event Calendar plugin to work on Elgg 2.0 (among some other stuff).

Question is: how does it work on Elgg 2.0 with the different language of jquery.ui.datepicker - or is it still necessary at all to handle the language loading?

In /vendor/elgg/elgg/views/default/elgg.js.php there's the following code

// The datepicker language modules depend on "../datepicker", so to avoid RequireJS from
// trying to load that, we define it manually here. The lang modules have names like
// "jquery-ui/i18n/datepicker-LANG.min" and these views are mapped in /views.php
define('jquery-ui/datepicker', jQuery.datepicker);

define('elgg', ['jquery', 'languages/' + elgg.get_language()], function($, translations) {
    elgg.add_translation(elgg.get_language(), translations);

The comment is a bit confusing (path of "../datepicker" no longer valid and I don't know for sure which mapping is referred to in (which?) /views.php). It looks to me that the user language depending loading is done here but I would like to have some clarification if possible.