Has anyone thought about employing a different business model than the one currently available?

I am a massive OpenSource fan but often feel that OpenSource does not protect itself to those outside a projects community. Often a few hardcore developers and minds give all to what is essentially a majority of leachers.

I have been a fan of contribution based licensing for several years now and have been perplexed why this model hasn't received adoption.

For me it would seem the focus of OpenSource is of a code repository and strangely the community often takes a back seat. The community can often contribute with many methods and it is not just a few developers who have worth to the community.
Documentation, Idea's, plugins, core, help all have worth to the community and there are many ways to contribute and make contribution easy and beneficial to the community.

I have a head full of idea's on the needs and rational of collaboration contribution networks, where I am eagerly awaiting the release of Ellg 2.0. My interest is in advocacy and digital assemblies but have always seen strong parallels to the OpenSource community itself.

We don't have to break any of the ideals of OpenSource by returning to a fiscal commercial operation as we can trade merit, we have earned in the community. We don't need to exclude those who may need the support of fiscal methods, so they can continue a level of contribution.

The project can offer all contribution on a trial period, that allows merit to be earned to gain a contribution licence. If you don't want to contribute and be one of those horrid leachers :) subscriptions could provide alternative revenue to help maintain a community and allow it to flourish.

Simply, contribution licencing is a different business model that sits between "Free as beer" and "Commercial" and is a bridge between the two, so that one model is not excluded from the other.

Anyway just a thought and like I say, I am perplexed to why it isn't employed as many of the methods are already contained especially in a "Social Network" such as Ellg.


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