I have a problem using Tidypics for elgg 1.8.20 ...

Hello everyone,
I have one problem using this fabulous plugin:

The first image that I raise is the only one recognized me: If I upload 2 photos or more different the first photo doubles in all the other photos and the others does not recognize me. As seen in this photo, I uploaded 2 different photos and the first photo duplicates in the second photo.

The plugin duplicates the fist photo to all the other photos.


I hope that someone can help me, please. Thank you so much!.



Christopher Coria.

  • It could be another 3rd party plugin used on your site that causes the problem. Try it with all of them (including your theme) temporarily disabled to see if it makes any difference.

    Or it might be a bug in Tidypics that occurs only on some servers (I can't reproduce it...). If you are currently using the HTML5 uploader of Tidypics, try it with the basic uploader (uncheck the HTML5 uploader option on the Tidypics settings page). If it works with the basic uploader, the problem / bug is within the HTML5 uploader of Tidypics. If the same problem occurs also with the basic uploader though, I think the problem is not within Tidypics - the basic uploader is rock stable. In this case the problem would be either due to a 3rd party plugin (see above) or due to some other server config that is not correctly set (but I can't think of any right now).

  • I have a problem with the mod - This image failed to load. Just do not talk about "3rd party plugin used on your site". The plugin works with regular monthly set of mods on the site. Nothing has changed! 1 month - everything worked perfectly. Today I entered to the site and - "This image failed to load." Version - Elgg_1.10-1.12_tidypics_v1.10.7

  • @Media Hata Is the problem occuring with new images or with the previously uploaded images that worked before? Are profile avatar images still displayed correctly? Possibly the problem is caused by some issue with the data directory (permissions?). Something would have to have changed on the server as Tidypics would surely not stop working suddenly on its own. And why" Just do not talk about "3rd party plugin used on your site" "? As you say, nothing has changes with the plugins but Tidypics isn't working correctly anymore nevertheless. So, nothing has changes with Tidypics either. This means, it's equally likely that another plugin might causing the issue - without testing you can't know for sure. It would at least be necessary to know if there are any errors logged in the server logs and to test if there is some problem with the data directory. If this isn't the case, I would suggest to make sure that it's really not a 3rd party plugin even if "nothing has changed".