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Hello All,

I would like to go straight to my goal: I discovered that Elgg Translation/Localization in languages other that English happens through Transifex.

Unfortunately the Elgg project there seems a dead thing. No way to contact anybody. No recent activity.

Do you know the best way to contribute for a good Elgg translation (in my case in Italian) because the current Italian version can be improved, a lot.

Thank you

  • What is your Transifex username? I can add you to the Italian translation team.

  • There are pending request for joining the translation project on Transifex.

    Though I have no idea what the sense is in adding a en_IT translation (English Italian???).

  • There are pending request for joining the translation project on Transifex.

    Weird, I don't see any. Where do you see them?

    Though I have no idea what the sense is in adding a en_IT translation (English Italian???).

    Transifex has this stupid feature that it automatically makes language request to every language anyone has mentioned as their skill - even if there's no-one who'd actually want to make the translation. That's what causes those weird translation codes.

  • Thanks for your replies.

    I am already logged in Transifex as user "maclurad". I am already inside the italian (it) translator group. I have already translated some strings from the "core". But the problem is that the Italian translation for Elgg is a mess.

    Major issues are:

    a) It is reported that 100% of the strings are translated, but at least half of them are still in English. (how can I filter them to find out only those strings that are still in English?)

    b) Some (very bad) translations are marked as reviewed and they cannot be modified. But they must be changed.

    c) It seems to me that no general guidelines have been followed during the translation process, so the result is a poor and lame translation.

    d) Someone who translated in the past some strings, did that job for his/her personal social web site, so there are sometimes references to their website name inside the translated strings.

    I have been working for years as volunteer in some GPL projects especially as translator (e.g. mytourbook, phpWebSite), and I'd like to give my contribute also for Elgg.

    That's all.

  • I've promoted you to a translation coordinator. You should now be able to edit also the reviewed translations.

    Thanks for contributing! :)

  • In fact, it works!

    Thank you.

    Sorry, I have work to do...

  • @Juho For example on https://www.transifex.com/elgg/elgg-core/ I see

    "43 Project languages , 3 without translators"

    above the list of languages there are translations available and behind this text I see "2 view requests"

    Or you can go to the dashboard (https://www.transifex.com/elgg/elgg-core/dashboard/), select a project and then the request show up (for me) on top of the activity stats.

  • Indeed. I've now removed some of those unnecessary ones.

  • Hello Juho,

    I need again your advice.

    I guess I did a decent job translating Elgg in Italian, unfortunately yesterday I installed Elgg2 on my web server and I discovered that the Italian translation is a mess.

    Investigating on Transifex I discovered that a very old (and bad) translation of Elgg has been ported to Elgg2 and so, I am at the point where I was one year ago with Elgg translation: more than half of those strings seem translated, but instead are still in English (and all the rest is a real not professional translation).

    Do you have any advice for me about what could be the fastest way to port the current Elgg Italian translation in Elgg2, at least for those strings which are identical in both projects?

    Thank you for any hint.

    Regards, Doriano

  • So it happened like this:

    1. Elgg 1 was translated badly
    2. Elgg 1 translations were imported to Elgg 2
    3. You made Elgg 1 translations better
    4. Elgg 2 now still has the original bad translations


    So the Elgg 1 translations at Transifex are the good ones? In this case it is possible to export translations from the Elgg 1 translation project and then import them to the Elgg 2 project.

    I'm however a bit worried about some strings being changed between Elgg 1 and 2, so the old translation won't necessarily make sense anymore in Elgg 2.

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