SEO: structured data - making elgg sites discoverable by google etc.

i recently found that my site is scoring very poorly in google. this appears to have mainly started after i changed the domain name a while ago.. however, in the process of fixing this i have found that there are many possibilities that are available to improve elgg from an SEO perspective and some of them would definitely be best added to core.

for example, google uses structured data to 'know' what is on webpages and to support structured data is to get a better presence in google. this is the main list of data object types:

so every elgg object would need to have tags added to allow google to know what is the name, date, description and so on. i have done this for videolist on my site as a test and it appears to be working ok. however, i needed to over-ride several core views to do this and it would definitely make sense that the tags just be added at the core level. i am about to go through and update blogs, pages and other objects on my site too...

does anyone have any comment on this?