photos bug

unfortunately no user in my social network profile send a photo of all photos are appearing a "?" (

Diagnostic system:





  • Likely reasons for the uploading / display of profile images to fail:

    • GD php extension not fully working (this extension is a requirement of Elgg),
    • php variables memory_limit, post_max_size too small. The values can be set in the .htaccess file of Elgg. If memory_limit is too small, the creation of the thumbnails of the avatar images will fail. If post_max_size is too small, the processing / saving might fail.
    • Something wrong with the data directory (permissions): Elgg can't save the profile images.
  • gd

    GD Support enabled
    GD Version bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
    FreeType Support enabled
    FreeType Linkage with freetype
    FreeType Version 2.3.11
    T1Lib Support enabled
    GIF Read Support enabled
    GIF Create Support enabled
    JPEG Support enabled
    libJPEG Version 6b
    PNG Support enabled
    libPNG Version 1.2.49
    WBMP Support enabled
    XBM Support enabled
  • Then go on with testing the other possible reasons for failure I've listed.

    To see if the data directory permissions are alright, you can test with uploading a (very small) file (not an image file) to the site using the bundled Files plugin. If you can upload and then download the file correctly, permissons of the data directory should be alright. If not, the permissions are not right and the uploading/display of avatars fails for this reason.

    If permissions of the data directory is not the reason for failure, check the size of the php variables in .htaccess. With phpinfo you should also be able to check if these sizes are used (in the admin section of your site you should also see the currently used sizes on the stats overview page). For uploading of images and resizing / creating thumbnails you might have to increase post_max_size and memory_limit if they are too small defined.

  • I increases and the continuous error :(
    I sent the same picture by the file system and the image sent not put the image weighs 3.19 KB


    a text file with nothing has been sent by the file system

  • I can only give suggestions about the likely reasons why the avatars are not displayed correctly. I've listed the likely reasons.

    You might want to check if the image uploaded to be used as your profile image is actually saved in the data directory together with the resized versions created on uploading it. You need to find your user's subdirectory within the data directory (name of the subdirectory is equal your user account's guid). If the image files are there, the display does not fail due to the uploading/processing of the image failing. In this case you need to check the server logs if they contain any entries explaining the problem and you might check if the problem is caused by another 3rd party plugin (disable them all temporarily and try again). If the image file is not saved in the data directory together with the thumbnail versions, the only explanations I have is some issue with GD extension or the php variables values.

  • I'll wait for the official release of 2.0.0 to update the version I believe the error will disappear

  • This error has nothing to do with Elgg (i.e. it's not a bug). Something must be wrong on your server config (or due to a 3rd party plugin) and it's very, very unlikely that you won't have the same issue on Elgg 2.0.