Elgg Android app

Hi Everyone

I got android app here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lui.elgg.core

If you are interest using it or testing it out. Please msg  me, there are few thing need to setup on the elgg server for android app to work.



  • Looks nice. What framework/sdk did you use? How do you fetch data from Elgg: bundled web-services?

  • @ Man Sang, that is great. Once I get off from work I will give Elgg Android App a try.
    @ Ismayil Kharedinov, I had the same question in mind. Thanks for asking.

  • Looks very nice. It says not available in my Country so can only see the graphics and like it.
    Unfortunately responsive themes are not enough and an app would help free server resources so I would be more than happy to help crowdfunding a customizable and extendable app for Elgg.

    I am pretty sure this is something all our users would find interesting. I am being asked quite often.


  • Man Sang, Will you be sharing the app code?

  • Yes, I will shared all code in the elgg web server. On the Android still too early, I just got it to work.

  • What are the pros and cons of a stand alone app vs. using a responsive web design, html5, etc?

  • Here's is a recent perspective on the pros and cons of HTML5 compared to native apps : 

    "HTML5 On The Rise: No Longer Ahead Of Its Time"


  • @Man Sang, The time_ago function is declared twice hence can give a new user an error

    [01-Nov-2015 14:31:59 America/Detroit] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare time_ago() (previously declared in /public_html/mod/web_services/lib/news.php:2) in /public_html/mod/web_services/lib/core.php on line 439

    1. mod/web_services/lib/news.php on  line 2

    2. mod/web_services/lib/core.php on line 439

    otherwise, everything looks great. I will test it and keep you updated.

  • @ Man Sang,

    All these tests were done using the ElggRelease or version 1.8.19

    When accessing the http://www.elggsiteurl.com/admin/administer_utilities/apiadmin

    This error is shown on the admin section;
    API Admin needs the Version Check plugin to check for updates and new releases

    I Tried to Run the unit tests for the web services plugin through admin:utilities : Web Services Tests

    Elgg Core Unit Tests shows this errors

    Fail: mod/web_services/tests/user.php -> Bad TestSuite [mod/web_services/tests/user.php] with error [No runnable test cases in mod/web_services/tests/user.php]]
    Fail: mod/web_services/tests/blog.php -> Bad TestSuite [mod/web_services/tests/blog.php] with error [No runnable test cases in [mod/web_services/tests/blog.php]]
    Fail: mod/web_services/tests/group.php -> Bad TestSuite [mod/web_services/tests/group.php] with error [No runnable test cases in mod/web_services/tests/group.php]]
    Fail: mod/web_services/tests/wire.php -> Bad TestSuite [mod/web_services/tests/wire.php] with error [No runnable test cases in [mod/web_services/tests/wire.php]]
    Fail: mod/web_services/tests/file.php -> Bad TestSuite [mod/web_services/tests/file.php] with error [No runnable test cases in [mod/web_services/tests/file.php]]
    Fail: mod/web_services/tests/core.php -> Bad TestSuite [mod/web_services/tests/core.php] with error [No runnable test cases in [mod/web_services/tests/core.php]]
    Fail: mod/web_services/tests/messages.php -> Bad TestSuite [mod/web_services/tests/messages.php] with error [No runnable test cases in [mod/web_services/tests/messages.php]]
    Fail: mod/web_services/tests/news.php -> Bad TestSuite [mod/web_services/tests/news.php] with error [No runnable test cases in [mod/web_services/tests/news.php]]

    And when now accessing the Elgg Android app on Android smartphone, after using the correct Core URL and the public API Key generated through admin setting --> Utilities --> API Key Admin
    Now the Core App is throwing this error: Method call failed the API Authentication

    The app signs in the user and shows sign in Success but can not load anything due to Method call failed the API Authentication error

    When i get time tomorrow after work, i will look at it more.


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