build elgg for local network at school

I have successfull build up the elgg in my localhost at my computer. But, whet I set up my network in my school laboratorium, the client can't access my elgg web correctly. the client just get the imperfect home view (just the bad html) and can't access the database. i have try to edit the apache conf and the .htaccess elgg. but i have still failed. help me please!

I use windows 7 and

XAMPP Version: 5.6.12

(sorry I've English bad)

  • What have you entered in "The site URL" in Advance setting page?

    if your current setup has "localhost" as the url and you are trying to access the page via an IP over the network then it won't work. Try putting the network's static IP as the url and try again.

  • i user the IP server (the computer witch i 've installed elgg): ex:

  • Problem is that the IP address you used is within an IP range reserved for local networks. Therefore, the routing / resolving the IP from the lab won't work. Are you even accessing the site hosted on your home computer with the IP or are you rather accessing your home computer with another WAN IP address. Then the computer on your lab just fails to resolve the route to the IP that the Elgg site offers to the lab computer to get the CSS/JS files from even if it works to access the index page of the Elgg site directly with the WAN IP.

    To be able to access your Elgg site on your home computer you would either have to use the WAN IP address used by your home router as site url of your Elgg installation - if this is a fixed IP address never changing - or you would have to use a DynDNS service that provides you with a fixed domain name / WAN IP that routes to the varying IP address of your home router. In the latter case you would set up your Elgg site using this domain name. I don't know if there's still any DynDNS service available for free though. In the past you would get such a service for free from some hosting companies but if this isn't the case anymore I think you could use a shared server for hosting likewise and it might not cost more either (though on a shared server you might have to keep the traffic low, i.e. it might not be a longterm hosting solution for an Elgg site as you would rather need a VPS then).

  • May be this can help you:

    Tips: Using XAMPP to run an elgg network

    Please, be aware that you WILL face problems with elgg and xampp, specially at login. Xampp is not made for production.

    If you can, use a linux web server, and install elgg there.

  • @iionly
    I don't use WAN and internet access, I just want make the computer laboratorium for the local server which can accessed by the student in the same subnet.
    @RJ (Arvixe)
    I will try it. i've evr try linux (Ubuntu) for my elgg local server, there is no change.
  • @Roman

    That guide I posted should help you. If you don't want to face issues with XAMPP you need at least a 3.0 Ghz processor and at least 8 GB of RAM.


  • Sorry. Misunderstanding on my side. I thought you are trying to access the Elgg site on your home computer from the lab.

    Does the site get correctly displayed on the computer XAMPP runs on? If not the problem might be with the rewrite rules not being fully working (might be due to AllowOverride not set to All or RewriteBase might be necessary to be defined). If it works on the XAMPP server but not on other clients it's possible a routing issue (static vs. dynamic IPs) or a Firewall issue (see tips of RJ in the discussion topic linked above).