Elgg Fork go Nodes

 We try to make a fork of ELGG social network with network of nodes,  hosted by many different individuals. Each node operates a copy of the ELGG software   Users of the network can host a NODE OF ELGG on their own server or create an account on any existing NODE of their choice, and from that NODE can interact with other users on all other NODES.

The idea is basically similar to Friendlica or Diaspora but there differences 

1.- The Wall is share with all Nodes similar to a Facebook Wall

2.- Every Node can Setup the Own ADS publicity 

3.-  Users can choice to be transfer between Nodes 

4.- Users of Friendlica or Diaspora can login with Us

Any ideas comments suggestions ?


  • Forking anything usually adds additional work of maintaining the fork. What was the problem you couldn't solve with plugin that you decided that forking is the best option? Just curious as I'd imagine it's all doable with a plugin at this point.

  • Hi Pawel 

    The best Option is Forking because Elggs not have features like Nodes . When I means nodes I means similar features have Frienlica or Diaspora.

    1. Users of any Elgg installation or domain share a common wall
    2. Built-in support for OStatus federation (status.net, identi.ca, GNU-social, many others)
    3. Decentralised architecture with no central authority or ownership
    4. User can Login in any Elgg node with the seam user and password like is in Diaspora
    5. Administrators control the own installation themes etc and own users
    6. Users can encrypt the own data PGP Key
    7. Services like Carddav , Webdav ...
    8. Administrators not have access to encrypt private data by users (that is total privacy no like facebook and others)
    9. Administrators can Setup Ads and publicity but they can't use personal data from users with commercial intentions .That means you can't sell your users information  (That is not a Option in Diaspora no publicity or data with commercial intentions is allow)

    You can see some features in Diaspora and Friendica , Elgg not have . I believe Elgg can become more popular software and bigger community . 

    Like you can see my point is not about plugings some are really nice like hyperwall only I try to upgrade elgg to a new vision. And that means modify the Core making with that a fork.







  • Wouldn't it make more sense to extend Diaspora or Friendica, which seem to be already closer to your goal? What value would Elgg be bringing to this project?

  • Easy Diaspora use Ruby and Rails no a option plus the Licence  not allow that.

    Friendlica I am not sure about the licence.

    Anyway Elgg have many followers and developers I not see that in Diaspora possible for the language and because in comparative to a proprietary social network like elgg they have missing many features

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