Crawling towards 2.0

Elgg 2.0 has only two pull requests left to review and merge before we could put out the first release candidate. We're getting close!

Neither of them seem controversial so I'll likely merge them within a couple days if there's no negative feedback.

Have you tried the latest beta?

Devs, have you read the plugin upgrade guide? It was pieced together as changes came in; how does the organization work for you? Are we missing anything?

  • Any front-end features/enhancements?

  • I believe there are very few or none user-facing changes. I cannot think of a single one right now. Most changes are either in the API or the core internals.

  • Not many user-facing features, but some:

    • Mine and Friends filters now includes content inside groups
    • Icons based on FontAwesome (better scaling)
    • Audio files have a basic HTML5 audio player (no more zaudio plugin)
    • Timestamps are direct "permalinks" to comments/replies
    • All Groups and All Members listings alpha ordered
    • No longer show breadcrumb for current page (non link)
    • Group sidebar shows recently added members first
    • Hugely improved plugins admin page
  • My goal after the 2.0 release is to create some official plugins to add features/UI that would otherwise have to wait for 3.0.

    The promise of backwards compatibility means it's hard to get user features into core because it's hard to get them tested to a point where we're sure about them. But we can release a separate plugin, improve it through feedback, and bundle/merge its functionality in the next major release.

    I forgot to mention above, the admin plugins page is hugely improved by integrating work already done by the ColdTrick folks.

  • Performance is a huge enhancement to 2.0, looks like I'm gonna be spending the weekend studying the changes. Are the documentations going to be updated any further?

  • i see that there are many 'get_entity' functions that have been dropped.. with no explanation of how they are being replaced. anyone know?

  • I believe most of them were deprecated in 1.8 and have equivalents beginning with "elgg_".

  • IS there any TO-DO list for plugins to improve speed.?

  • For plugins, the same as previous versions: don't add a ton of JS/CSS to each page; reduce the number of queries performed, especially involving metadata.

Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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