How to increase "Add a topic" font size?


I have just discovered elgg and it seems a very nice software.

I would like to make it very easy for a user to reach an "add a topic" button, like it is very easy to post a new topic in Facebook.

For example, how can I change the font size of the "Add a topic" button in a Group profile page?

I have tried with every widget plugin for elgg 1.12 but without success. Is there any tutorial on this out there?

Thank you,



  • You might want to keep in mind that some people use smartphones and it would surely annoy them if half the screen in filled with such a button due to a too large font size.

    Elgg's title section buttons (which are usually used for offering and "Add" option) use the "elgg-button elgg-button action" classes to format the button layout. These classes are defined in views/default/css/elements/buttons.php. Increasing the font size can be done by increasing the value of the font-size parameter within the elgg-button class. But then ALL buttons of Elgg will show their text in a larger font! You could limit the larger font size to elgg-button-action type buttons by defining the font-size within the elgg-button-action class additionally. But this will still change the font size within all elgg-button-action type buttons. An even more fine grained definition of font-sizes would mean a much higher effort. You would have to modify the code everywhere where such a button is added within the code specifially.

    If you want to change the CSS of Elgg core (i.e. the button classes) nevertheless, you might want to read to learn how to modify the files without changing Elgg core files directly.

  • Stick to the 1.12 docs unless you're bravely trying out 2.0 :)

    I don't know why they're defaulting to 2.0 and I can't change it at the moment.

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