i want to ask if is normal when i have 8-10 users online my hosting server to be on the limits

Hello friends,sorry for my not so good english,but i have a major problem.

for 2 days and after i sent to some friendly big greek sites an invitation for my new elgg community ,my elgg site because of trafic almost died.

this is what i get from control panel and what i send that moment to my hosting support

"i have 8 users online and i see to control panel this
CPU Usage
92 / 100 %
Entry Processes
22 / 22

is this normal with only 8 users?"


and this is the answer from the staff 

"Hi there,

Unfortunately it depends, having 8 users can still use the entire CPU / Processes if the script permits it.


This is the throttled script causing this issue. You should check , optimize / disable access until you can fix the issue.

Please let us know if there is anything further we can do for you."



So i want to ask you

a)is this normal?

b)is there any way to optimize scripts as the hosting service say to me?

c)any other ideas?

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