User or Member Profile Location on Google Map

I didn't know if I should put this here or perhaps under professional services.

It would be nice if when viewing an individual user or members profile if their location showed on Google maps if the field is filled in on their profile. Likewise if searching for a location then a map showing all users or members in that location.

If a plugin already exists that does this, I couldn't find it.


  • It wouldn't be too hard to show their city in a google map in their profile. Having all members show up on a map would be hectic if you have thousands of members in your community.

  • I like the feature too with the options of course of displaying subsets of users based on distance, interests, etc.

  • @Cim, I was thinking more along the lines of in your profile it has your address so if view your profile it shows your location on Google Maps or if I click on your location address it then shows you on Google maps.

    Another scenario would be I'm in London, ON, Canada so if I do a search for London, ON, Canada it shows users or members in that location.

    I wouldn't want all members to show since it could be more than hectic. If you had 5000 users it would be way to many to show them all.

    I'm using the profile manager so I could add a website url called Google map where the user could get the url for their location and enter it but some users may not know how to do that and it wouldn't show users in a location search on Google maps.


  • The maps is easy, the search function will have to be a custom one since you're also adding a clause to see if the user has an IP address, LAT/LONG, etc.

  • What about like a geolocation service? I've seen some plugins that offer a geolocation parameter, whatever that entails I have no clue, or a prompt to enter a location, ismayil did a few, I wish I knew how to do it, he's infinitely smarter than me.

  • I'm currently looking at a commercial plugin that might do what I'm looking for.

  • A combination of hypeGeo and hypeMaps should allow you to do what you want in terms of search and map display for multiple users.

    As far as the profile is concerned, you can use Google static maps. You can overwrite output/location view (profile manager should be able to handle location input and output). See here for an example of displaying a static map and displaying a link to an external map:

  • Hi Michele, I have been looking at that one and it should do what I'm looking for.

    I just need to solve my email problem first. There isn't a lot sense driving people to site to register when they can't get validated.

  • Dan try using the phpmailer plugin, are you using google mail or an external email service?

  • No I'm not using google mail or an external email service. I'm using an email account for the domain with GoDaddy, this one to be exact. . It's small in size 1MB but that is plenty large enough for sending text emails for validation on registration.

    A search for phpmailer found two plugins, this one for 1.8 which hasn't been updated in over three years.

    And this one again for 1.8 which hasn't been updated in over four years.

    Is there another one I have missed or which one are you suggesting I try?

    I didn't mean to highjack this thread.

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