‌Status Box needs to be updated asap

The text input box atop activity or profile is so very old, and even the hype plugin, now in github, for this purpose does not cut the ice. Have a look at  http://demo.stackideas.com/easysocial [ choose any of a demo member from the drop-down]

The very "basic" things needed are:

location detection and location map
tagging of friends
Event creation
Links posting that let you choose one thumb from a series of thumbs

If implemented this can help to boost usage of Elgg tremendously.

  • How would the plugin detect if there is an event plugin enabled or not?

    What happens to the status box if I enable more than one plugin that provides support for events?

  • True. I agree with what you said.
    Before that, we need to agree that out-of-the-box status box's status is not good and not up to date. If we are not agreeing on that it is blind lane, imho.

    If we agree, Event needs to be in core just like Blogs and Groups. An Elgg with such a status box as in Easysocial can even be a paid option - as hundreds of users who are purchasing Easysocial will be glad to purchase Elgg with an upto-date status box as Elgg has strength in other areas.

    This is however a feedback only and no complaint against Elgg. Thanks.

  • Different sites have need for different kind of event plugins. We cannot just decide that one of them is the only one that works with the status box. That would go against Elgg's philosophy of being as extendable and pluggable as possible.

    For the status box to work, we'd need to define a new Elgg core API that's purpose would be to allow plugins to tell what kind of content can be created through the status box.

    Also we'd need to figure out how different kind of input forms would be displayed in it. It's simple to display a single input form for a short status text. Event plugins however might have multiple required fields (date, starting time, ending time, venue, organizer, description, etc).

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