Elgg installation/upgrade problems

hello all, i had 1.20 and my hosting said there was a update and i got 4 groups on one domain, 2 upgraded ok but the other two they upgraded but i go and load the sites and i get a blank page can anyone help please


  • I don't fully understand what you are asking. Have you updated 4 Elgg installations of Elgg 1.12 and it failed for 2? Or what?

    In any case you would need to provide more info about the sites with the blank page showing. For example you should check in the server log if there are any entries that might explain what the problem is.

  • soryr i got the versions wrong

    i got a webhosting which has like softaculous with it (accessed via the hosting control panel).

    and i let that install the gropups or forums or whatever,

    the groups was 1.12.0 and i got 4 members groups of Elgg

    2 out of 4 groups have gave me blank pages of blank site after upgrade


  • i also might add that the hosting also backups the previous before upgrading, i did a restore and itt still gave me blank pages after wards

    also which server logs are on about the wwebhosting or the elgg server log?


  • ok heres a update i did have a problem when i did a update 1.12.3 but i did another update which was released today. and the groups are back online