Did Elgg Remove the Commenting System from 1.9??

I am not able to comment when i am inside a blog, page, bookmark or any Entity for that after upgrading to elgg 1.9 . Is that elgg has changed these things or am I facing a problem in my website ?? I don't find a way to read or write a comment when i am inside an Entity however commenting options are available in Activity page.   

  • The comments are now objects instead of annotations. You need to run upgrade.php and update the DB in admin page > configure > upgrades

  • I ran the configure upgrade as per the instruction in elgg 1.9 still the comments are not displaying inside my Blog, bookmark, Pages ..... but i am able to comment only in wire did elgg is changed like this or i am facing a bug ??


    I have hypeinteraction i disabled it so that i can see elgg core commenting system. I don't find an option to comment & also to view the comments ..


  • Nothing was removed, it sounds like your upgrade didn't move the old annotation comments to the new entities - did you run that upgrade?  It's not the simple upgrade button on the admin dashboard but individual upgrade scripts listed on Admin-> Configure -> Upgrades

    There is one to upgrade comments and another to upgrade the data directory

  • The image seems to indicate that the comments upgrade has been executed.

    As you say that you can't make new comments either I suspect that the problem might be caused by some 3rd party plugin installed on your site that is not compatible with Elgg 1.9 and newer. This plugin is probably not only preventing posting of new comments but also prevents the existing comments from being displayed. I would suggest to disable ALL 3rd party plugins temporarily to see if the comments (e.g. on blogs) show up then and if you can make new comments. If this is the case, you need to figure out which plugin is causing the problem and then either no use it anymore or check if there's a newer version available.

  • Just found the problem it was elgg_stars from hypejuction ..


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