Add discussion topic?

I think I somewhat brought this up some time ago. In the core elgg there isn't a "Add discussion topic" like there is in the elgg community which makes it very cumbersome and not very intuitive for a user to realize they have first join a group and then go to the group and click "Add" to post a new discussion topic.

If there is a plugin that provides that functionality I haven't found it. If there is one, can someone point me to it?

I could be wrong, my understanding is that in elgg version 2 messaging will be separate and also threaded. While that will be great for version 2, which will require php 5.5 I'm stuck currently with 5.4 with GoDaddy on shared hosting.

If in version 2 messaging is separate I assume will have a "Add discussion topic." button and they can select category that is defined?

  • Elgg community is using this one:

    Yes, starting from Elgg 2.0 discussions will be its own separate plugin that can be enabled even though the groups plugin is disabled. We didn't however have enough time to design proper permission handling nor user interface for discussions that are outside groups. The plugin should however work as a good base for plugin developers to build their own forums outside groups.

    There won't be threaded comments/replies in 2.0.

  • Thank you very much, that did add the "Add Discussion Topic". The only minor issue is it asks to pick a group but a list doesn't come up when I double click in the field. You have to need to know the name of a group to type something and then it will find a match.

    I didn't see any settings for it. Is there something else I have to add or do to get the list of the groups?

  • Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I had to make each group "Featured" in order for dropdown to populate the list.

    Making them featured however creates a huge problem on my site, I can't create new groups as a user or as admin. In order to create a new group I had to deactivate community_groups.

    Is there a simple edit(s) I can make that will add the "Add Discussion Topic" for all groups without them having to be featured or at least still permit groups to be created by users?