Posting private to a Blog?

I hope people do think this a dumb question, I'm trying to understand why the private setting for posting a blog?

If it's public, it's public,

If it's for logged in users it's only public after they log in.

If it's for friends only my friends can see it.

If it's private aren't I the only one that can see it? If that's the case then would that be a note since a the purpose of a blog is so someone else can read it?


  • The purpose of a blog is many fold. Commonest is, of course, for public reading or reading by friends.

    But sometimes, blog is also a personal weblog, something like a personal diary which I myself, only I myself, will like to read into and write to. For future reference. For making the mind unload now. For many puposes. Also this can act as a draft.

    So private seting for a blog post is very useful.

  • If the wording for private access is "private (draft)" or "private/draft" maybe we don't need draft feature, or am I missing something?

  • This discussion is probably not necessary, imho.
    Draft is draft. Private is private. Whatever is there is working well for so many people for so many years. If wording needs to be changed for a specific use case, I guess it can be done via language files.

    Private - what I only want to see. It may be a complete article or a poem or a diary which I want to read and re-read - for my eyes only. Yes, it can be a draft too.

    Draft - what I want to publish, maybe its in raw form today, I will polish it and publish in the next days or weeks. Draft is also is what is AUTO-saved in some cms, and the versions are stored serially, you can see the DIFF too. Yes, draft may never be published and can be a complete article which I only get to read or re-read.


  • It doesn't fit all use cases, but it does fit some.  Don't like it?  Remove it!  We have plugin hooks for that :)