Transifex en.php files not in sync with github source

Example:the string 'groups:save_error' was added with The en.php of the groups plugin at github does include the string but the 1.X translation project of Elgg core at Transifex does not. In the 2.X Elgg core project the string is included in the en.php file at Transifex (maybe due to manually syncing of the files).

Problem is that any string missing in en.php files at Transifex can't be translated (well, you could translate it locally but then it would get lost on uploading it to Transifex...).

The en.php file of the groups plugin within the 1.X project might be the only file being out of sync at the moment. It's difficult to know for sure. In this case I only noticed because the comparison between 1.X and 2.X showed a difference that shouldn't be there. In other cases it might be that both 1.X and 2.X are out of sync. Or it might happen in the future that 2.X might get out of sync after a PR at github without a proper sync of en.php with Transifex.

How's the syncing done at the moment? Does it require any action of a dev or is it totally automatic? If the syncing should work automatically, maybe there's some problem with this process...

Anyway, I would suggest a manual sync of all en.php files at least for the 1.X project of Transifex to be done now to get the files in sync with github again allowing translation of any strings unavailable for translation at the moment.

  • At least the en.php file of the developers plugin and also the main en.php file of the 1.X translation project are also incomplete at Transifex in addition to the group plugin en.php file.

  • Transifex has been configured to automatically check Github for changes.

    There is in fact something wrong with the process currently. Transifex is saying "URL not found" even though each resource has a correct URL.

    Another reason for the problem of missing strings is that Transifex is fetching the translation files from the 1.x branch. We haven't merged changes to it since 1.12.x because it's the last minor release from Elgg 1.x. So some of the strings added into 1.12 branch are still missing from 1.x branch.

    I'll update the resources to point to the 1.12 branch. This should both give us the missing strings and force the auto-sync settings to get reprocessed.

  • I have no idea how often Transifex does the syncing, so it may take time before we see any results.

  • The translation key groups:save_error is now available in Transifex also for the 1.x translation project.

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