rewrite.php not exists in elgg instalation files


I am trying to install elgg version 1.12.2 according to documentation 
I have uploaded elgg on server, created MySql database and created data folder.
After that I open in thew latest chrome my website and process installation starts.  
Immediately I have experienced warning:  

(If picture not renders here is a link

I have tried to open "test" link(which points to rewrite.php page) but this page does not exists???   
Here is list of all files in my root folder:
I have downloaded latest elgg from


  • Go to install > config and copy hatches.dist and rename it to .htaccess then move it to the root folder where your elgg site is.

  • Where in the documentation does it reference rewrite.php?

  • @Matt when he clicks the test link. It opens rewrite.php.

    It doesn't exist and that's the point. It's an attempt to open a "virtual" page that doesn't exist by rewriting the URL and redirecting the request at the Elgg engine. Elgg cannot work correctly unless this is set up. This is what allows you to have "pretty" urls which are structured like the content of your site instead of reflecting the structure of the code.

    You may need to set up your .htaccess file or nginx config manually in order to get rewrite rules working. We don't officially support any other servers, but it's possible that others have rewrite rules of their own that might work.

  • oh, I misunderstood the question :)

  • Perhaps it would be clearer if this were just /rewrite (clearly not a real PHP file) instead of /rewrite.php which looks like it could be a real PHP file.