elgg caching

Hi there,  I want to cache some of my static pages.  I am trying gallicache plugin but its old. and not working with 1.9.

Moreover I also want to know whether Elgg2.0 or 1.9 has any better solution to do server side  caching of static pages.

I also want to know whether elgg cached file like JS etc are pre-compressed to gzip or thats done all the time by apache?

  • We haven't really worked on caching static pages because so much of what elgg does is dynamic. There's always some kind of personalization, translation, or use generated content on every page (e.g. the topbar).

    What we do like to cache is the assets like JS and CSS that do not change per request. For these we set far future expires headers so that the web server knows it can cache the gzipped version as well. So elgg doesn't cache it, but we're relying on the web server to cache it.

  • Just curious, what pages do you want to cache? I assume you're talking about logged out users only?

  • yes I am talking about loggedout user only. the gallicache plugin was made for that purpose only.

  • @Steve Clay

    I've noticed that some images such as top bar logo and footer logos get downloaded always. Also some other static content (images for example) gets downloaded each time a page is loaded. I don't know, but it seems like some CMS cache the majority of images.

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