Does elgg work with yahoo hosting?

I have yahoo hosting and was wondering if elgg will work with them? I tried to follow all of the instructions for install and when i went to the elgg folder that was uploaded to my site the install did not begin as the instructions said it would, all I had was a blank white screen.

I really want to use elgg it is perfect for what I want my site to contain. I would really appreciate any help! Thank you!

  • Check that the Apache mysql module is installed and is being loaded.

  • How exactly do I do that? Thank you!

  • did you ever get it to work, I have yahoo and I cant get it to load? Thanks

  • A dummy here. I just discovered elgg two days ago... but soon realized it was not that easy for a non-tech person. I have used wordpress (don't laugh) with yahoo webhosting, and well, it's easy. So I thought I would just put the elgg files in a folder in my site ( I did read instructions). Well, it's been 48 hours now, and every minute I find something new. I am starting to get frustrated, so many words "apache", "bug", "myphpadmin"...

    Well, too start off I found out I needed to have php 5.2 or higher, but my yahoo server shows it has either 4 or 5, so I guess it might not work. I gues it can be upgraded, also Mysql something 5 or higher but I couldn't find what version yahoo has.

    I guess I will need serious help as I do want a stunning site, not public, for my students. Well I had to start somewhere.

    Just to release the slight frustration. Good luck everyone. 

  • Sprach,

    Sorry you're having so much trouble.  If you spend more than 30 minutes fighting with the same problem and aren't able to figure it out -- best to ask in the community about it (after searching to see if it's already been addressed of course!).  Best to you in your endeavors!