How about Elgg Change there new elgg Releasing Policy

How about Elgg team do there update in 3 type just like how Linux & Ubutu do there update..

1) LTS releases (Log Term Support Release)

2) New Release (with 6 months or 2 months of support)

3) Beta Release

Now the new releases will be helpful for new elgg users while the LTS will be helpful for Old elgg users. now New release will have frequent update while the LTS just security updates. Now when the LTS has an update it should have the best of the New release say if new release is some where 2.0 the LTS will be at 11.1 so that the Old websites will have a flexible update. I stress that the elgg team consider this so that much of the community get benefited from this. 

  • I didn't understand this part:

    Now when the LTS has an update it should have the best of the New release say if new release is some where 2.0 the LTS will be at 11.1 so that the Old websites will have a flexible update.

  • That is LTS will be in Slow face of update.. as per i know elgg release have become to frequent so i gave an assumption say for eg.. ubutu 15.10 is new release but the LTS release is 14.5 now this 14.5 is just security update .. now when ubutu release there 15.0 Lts it will have all the new feature & security update of 15.X new release now the new release will be some where in 16.1..    

  • Yes, the releases are frequent, but the minor upgrades (x.Y.z) are backwards compatible. This means that you should be able to upgrade from 1.9.0 to 1.12.0 without any major issues.

  • Certain Plugins like Member self delete, RSS Import, Add This Share with smart Layout, Welcome Page, hypegeo, hypemaps which are getting braked in elgg 1.10 itself with my local elgg website so i don't wish to update now but later bcz i came to elgg 1.9 just few months back after a long try in my local elgg machine checking how elgg upgrade from elgg 1.8 to 1.9 is working and how 3rd party plugins are work in elgg 1.9 & before i can come to 1.9 I find elgg 1.11 is out.. now in few months its getting ready for 2.0 this is too fast & i dont update anything directly on my website but on my local machine & also check the third party plugin performance.. upgrading for security update not a problem but upgrading for feature you need to check everything before you do it on your live website.. at least your update numbers should not be confusing people should find it easy to know whether its a security update or new feature update for elgg.. 

  • I find even Dolphine CMS is not doing a frequent update on Standardize update but they do a RC frequent & Beta Release. Then the RC update is released on standardize update.  

  • I'm serious; Plugins that work on Elgg 1.9 should also work on Elgg 1.12. We haven't removed any features between them. Also we haven't made any breaking changes to the existing features.

    Do you have confirmed information that one of those plugins works only on 1.9 but not on 1.12? If so, what is the problem that's occurring in the plugin?

  • This is the number one reason I don't update my server that often I've been maintaining a server since 2009 and every time I update a ton of plugins break.  (even all the plugins I have written myself)  It wasn't until about about a month ago I decided to upgrade to 1.12.1 which has been oodles of fun.

  • > which has been oodles of fun.

    Im assuming this is sarcasm.

  • If plugins are breaking from 1.9-1.12 then that is a bug worth reporting! But all I see people doing is saying "you're upgrading too fast". This is not helpful because it proposes a solution before we even fully understand the problem.

  • > since 2009

    A lot has changed since 2009! We only started semantic versioning in 2014. It's way different and upgrades are way smoother. I encourage you to try it out.

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