Working with a designer

I am in the starting phase of working with a designer to create a site design for us (which I will later turn into a theme).  This designer is not familiar with ELGG and I have yet to really dive into the theme creation process.

Are there any guidelines that we could be working off of to help us avoid any design elements that would be difficult or even impossible to actually implement in ELGG? 

My current approach is to basically try to divide each area in to subsequent informational/functional areas so the designer has an idea of what elements he has to make room for on each page.

From what I understand, ELGG is flexible enough to where I can pretty much re-locate any element to anywhere I like.  Is this understanding accurate?

Thanks in advance.

  • I agree entirely with Dave.. I do have first hand experience with designing elgg sites, and although it is theoritically simple to implement a design, your web designer has to be prepared for a little frustration every now and then, but they will ultimately get it done.

    One strong recommendation I would make is while the task is to design, it is important for the designer to also get some understanding of the development aspect of elgg, especially, that you mention that you intend on moving some elements around the pages.. Therefore, it would be important for your designer to have some idea on creating a canvas and integrating plugins and views... etc.

    Once you've looked at your pageshell, you will see that it is also possible to modify the global layout of static elements like headers and footers .. etc, example: dump the topbar and combine it with the header_contents.. or, vise-a-versa.