I don't think the Gravatar plugin is working in Elgg 1.5.  At least, it's not doing anything on my own site and it's not working here either (assuming it is enabled on this site).

  • Fair enough.  I'll look into why Gravatar is not working on my site to see whether the plugin or my own stupidity is to blame.

  • Matt, except for the plugins actually released with the 1.5 RC 1 package, very few have yet been tested with the new code.

    There have been a few changes under the hood (all for the better, of course) and it will probably take a little while for existing plugins to be fully migrated.

    For my own plugins, I've found that most of the changes are in CSS and the river/activity log. Not a huge amount so far.

  • This was the result of a bug introduced into profile/start.php which prevented the event chain performing how it was expected.

    This has now been fixed.