Subscription payment to a VIP-like area

Hi all,

i'm about to create a new portal with elgg. I took a look at 1.5 and snv version looks very nice, so i think the stable 1.5 will be a good platform for this work, but i have some questions:

i want the new network to has two different areas: a standard area and a V.I.P. area.

The first one with standard access control: users can sign up to the network for free, and use it as they like.

The second one with payment access: so i need to add a new "level" of control (vip for example) to current levels (private, public, etc). In addition, i want user who choose subscription to the vip area, to pay for it, via credit card, paypal, or something like.

I'm not a great programmer so the questions are:

is out there some plugins which can manipulate workflow levels for elgg and  maybe bridge the network to paypal or ccbill or another payment engine?


Thanks !!

  • Because plugins are used to increase the functionality of the site... so, if applicable only to plugins, subscription will be used for something like pay-per-features.

    What i mean is to make users pay for viewing other users already subscribed to the payment area, but with same functionality than a free user: for example, a free user can search and view all profiles of the site, but he can only view contents of free users until he subscribes to the payment area where other subscribed users post their contents.

    Naturally, subscribed users can choose which type of contents they create between free content and payment content.

  • Perhaps we could just start with some Quota type basics..... like limitation on the number of files can be uploaded, the number of groups you can join, the number of friends you can have (hmmm not good for social networking), whether you have a subdomain or not, whether you have an email address etc.

    This would even be useful in a cost free Elgg implementation to limit the system resource usage.

    Regards Floods

  • "the number of friends you can have (hmmm not good for social networking..." 

    yep - don't want to prevent paying customers coming in thru the door ;;;

  • I could charge people to look at Dhrup's profile - I'll earn millions.



  • Is there a subscription payment plug or paid one available can find nothing?

  • Hi,
    Seems the featured-premium-members has a lots of promise and could be useful. However, unfortunately, I could not make it working. It only shows one field, add user to home-page.... and thats it. Moreover it shows error,... like something deprecated. Can anyone please put some lights on this? Is there plugin similar to what this one promised, but works for elgg 1.12+. Thank you. Bests.