Advertising banners etc... to elgg

Hi everyone,

I am planning on building a music based social networking site with a twist, but I will need a way to monitise the site, and my plan is to provide some simple banner ads and/or some relevant google adsense space.

My question is has anyone set up banner ads on their elgg site? Is it easy to do? will it require some bespoke development? I have looked at other elgg deployments and it appears like it is possible.

Looking forward to your replies :)


  • Looks like nobody knows how to do it!I m interested in this also and if you find the solution please tell me.Thnaks

  • Banner ad's shud be quite not-so-difficult ;-)

    oh it's you. Gene -- off MusicMikey;-)



  • GeneintheUK,

    I use OpenX, it is free, powerful and generates the code for you. ( It works really well and is PHP-based. All you do is create a customer, campaign, upload the banner art, and it does the rest.


  • @Kibbis --

    do you use OpenX stand alone or integrated w/ Elgg ?

    (I'm just looking OpenX over - curious - never seen it before..)

  • You know I downloaded the Black Tech theme. It gives a deep enough space for the top. The theme might be editable enough to place the openx code into.

    Also there seems to be in 1.5 the ability to add more modules (insert the openx into that). If you guys think of anything let me know because I want to make some moola too.

  • hmmm... I might look further towards doing a plugin to integrate OpenX into Elgg ;-O)

    let's say we start with a name for it --



  • sounds good... :)


    If something can be created based on the phpbb advertisement plugin, that would be excellent, absolutlely what the product could use... and I am pretty certain people would pay a little money for that type of functionality even on an opensourced product...


    G :)

  • Well got it running just fine (stand alone OpenX and Elgg) if I knew how to make mods I'd make one. But any mod would have to be ran after any theme is running.. This is what I did. OpenX created two codes one for the Header and one for the body. The code for the header looked like this:  

    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script&gt;

    I placed this in the mod/your_theme/views/default/page_elements/header.php just above the </head>

    The next code looked like this

    <script type="text/javascript"><!--
    // <![CDATA[
    // ]]>
    // --></script>

    I placed this where I wanted the adds to run. Now I have adds on my page.


  • Ok now working on a way to run multi-zones on one page

  • @ perrylang, I finally got OpenX installed on server, up and running and then a test ad served on my index page. What I want to do is to try multi zones on both the same page in different dimension / kinds of ads again test one's without real content and also on several other sites.

    As I know from past use of OpenX that as it's an Ad Server, we can basically run ads on MANY websites as an agency, publisher etc all within the one same OpenX install ;)

    It really does have so much to offer and from what I've seen from the version I played about with 12months ago and where they're up to with the current version, they have really tried to make adding sites, zones, banners / ads to one's OpenX platform much easier.