Exposing the language dropdown in registration

Hello again - sorry for the newbie questions today, I am loving the elgg but it is new to me so I am still bumping around in the dark a bit.

I need to expose the language selection drop-down in the registration form, instead of only available in the settings.

I added this line at line 28 of views/default/forms/register.php:

$form_body .= "<label>" . elgg_echo('language') . "<br />" . elgg_view('input/language' , array('internalname' => 'language', 'class' => "general-dropdown")) . "</label><br />";

I get the language label but no dropdown.  What else must I do?

Many thanks for any help!

  • You could try installing the automagic_translation plugin which automatically displays everything in the language of the browser?

  • Hi again jed - ty for your reply.

    Installed the language_selector plug-in which is pretty cool - it is apparently the same as automagic and requires no core hacks.

    I still need to expose the language selector in the registration screen - it even seems to be in the same database table and looks like a matter of just a couple lines of code here and there.

    Many thanks for any help!