CSS not loading page right

I am having a problem with my site www.moneybonanzas.com/elgg

It is not loading correctly and causing an issue.

It looks like some CSS is being provided by JavaScript, and the Firefox error console shows a JavaScript error when loading your site:

Error: $("a[rel*=facebox]").facebox is not a function
Source File: http://www.moneybonanzas.com/elgg/
Line: 29

  • are you using original elgg template or did you install a new one

    if you installed a new one unpublish it and see if original elgg theme gives the same error

    during uploading files may be you did not uploaded some files. opload all the elgg files again and  seee if this fix the error.  you must back up your files first

  • Thanks What I ended up doing is uptate.php hopefully it stays

  • Paige-AKA_Stormy

    joomlaturk you beat me to it,

      I had the same issue forgetting i had a theme installed but also found it to be the profile customizer as well.

    also remember Jkodd each of the plugs depending on uses, also will have a css style sheet too. so not all your css will make its changes your expecting to see change.

    also expecting to see the footer or spotlight changes if your using them as addons such as custom spotlight and the my footer, all have a part in some extra work on css if making css chages to things.

    we start out moding the default then enable the stuff after, to find other css mis matches we didnt get or set up yet.

    this will also play a role in not seeing css changes