Change Background Via CSS


Okay, so I'm feeling like a bit of a noob at the moment, I have just come back to Elgg after almost a year of focussing around my online store and now I want to give more content to my users and allow them to interact with each other.

However, I do not remember how you go about integrating a tiled background into the site via CSS.

I went into views/default and changed up the CSS and I didn't see any changes to the background, even after emptying my cache and trying it out on different browsers, leading me to believe that I put my code into the wrong section of the CSS perhaps?

If anybody could give me some pointers then I would be eternally grateful, thanks in advance!

Hammy (:

  • Unless you are just playing about, you should look at creating a theme - there are links from the elgg documentation page. If you have a theme, the mods/<theme>/views/default/css.php is the one to edit.

    Second, I think elgg is great, but it's themeing and CSS drives me nuts. You will find elements styled in multiple places and there is no real consistancy - there is no generic 'button' class, for example, to define how a submit or button styled link should look.

    The Firefox extension Firebug will let you 'Inspect' elements to see what styles have been applied - then you just need to find which css file contains the style.

  • Thank you for your reply (:

    I've been looking into it, Firebug works excellently as does exactly what I wanted, I'm partway through creating a theme as well.

    Elgg is very good, just a pity about the way it is in parts.

  • Also, you can use 'inspect element' in Chrome for identifying your css styles