Woodward, Goofers..

you make feel a little bad re: my 'bragging" about FBFK ;-) @ 22974 right now !!!

I'm just starting this little topic for all to come moan about their 50 - 100 userbase ;-(


There are many theories on how to attract a large userbase to a social networking website. I bellieve that FBFK's "success" is a coincidence, a social black hole that was filled up initially purely accidently to keep MJ's 5-yr old off the other FB !!.. if you could only read how MJ has explained privately to me.. about how FBFK started...

Have a read thru these --

Much good reading, esp the second one by Ben from a while back, before he left Elgg.com

My small points are that a Social Network will not attract a userbase just because I have created it using Elgg (or whatever) as a super-duper pkg with oodles of neat plugins !!! A social networking site will only be "successfull" when it satisfies a certain "hunger" people have for "something" on the internet. And that hunger is *not to simply be a user on an Elgg (or other)  SocNet web-site.

That hunger is a far more personal and human psychology factor. Why do we go to bars ? Why do we join Tennis Clubs ? Why do we join dance clubs ? Why did we join this Elgg community ? Humans need to communicate their thoughts, feelings, sometime just have a need to to another human person...

Am I making this too heavy and academic ?

A successful social web site depends on a lot of **human factors, not just software and plugins alone.. That is one reason there are so many $5 hosting accounts owned by those who think they will be the next Facebook or Myspace, while the hosts are making $5 x NNNNN per month ;-)



  • 136,000 ;-) I think we are still the best... ;-O

    " [8:14:59 PM] 1.John.F: 
    jesus dhrup your average time spent is 
    14min?!! by returning visitors?
    and 10 from first timers? 
    your seeing the same sort of performance as facebook !!!

  • MJ - single handed built most likely the largest Elgg-based social networking site
    in the universe (136,000 users and still climbing..).

    Yes... we are still the biggest elgg-based social website in the entire universe.. ;-)

    Ode to "MJ"

  • 151768 users ;-)

    y'all know just how i used to love to brag about our numbers quite some months before the reality of server performance hit my synapses ;-)

    yep.. server issues are still paramount - while we're running on 3 separate dedicated servers and the tech admin is still tearing his hair out to try and improve the server perf and response times even better.

    What I have learnt since my baby-steps with Elgg some 2 years back and linux/apache/php/mysql some 10 years back is that --> a website with mucho 1000's users is good for you but... brings the headache of tweaking apache/mysql/cdn performance issues.

    I have sometimes spent 48 hours straight, no sleep, no nothing.. trying to fix some server related problem and then asap problem gets fixed -- i crash out and sleep for the next 15 hours to recuperate ;-)

    I can happily say that today.. our mysql.cnf has been tweaked to the max and can handle just about any load - the httd.conf has not had that much attention, but soon will.

    my regards to all the elggsters out there ;-P


  • 3 dedicated servers for this site? 

    My friend has a website based on elgg, over 100,000 members, just need one server, <20% CPU used and <8G memory used( lots of memory used by squid for photo cache), Nginx+php-fpm+Mysql.

  • Today = 2 months anniversary of MJ's passing ;-(
    I'm so lost without him !!!
    Wish he were here to see this -->
    FK be kissing 155,000 in several more days or less ;-(
    The day just before he died - fbfkids.com was sitting at approx 135,000

  • MJ's (Paul's) Dream..
    I'm about to buy this pretty baby ;-)


  • 156,000 ++ today -->
    server performance admin nightmares start all over again...

  • starting to kiss @ 160,000 userbase today... moare server power needed !!! ;-P

  • 160,000  WoW :)

    Great GoinG :)


    HaPPy ElGGInG :)

    Do GooD :)